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From lingerie protest to social enterprise

In the midst of Thailand’s political protests, the labor dispute at Triumph drew wide public attention. The fight began when a group of female workers demanded that the company respected their rights after being laid off, but took an unexpected and unconventional twist, as it led to a different way of doing a business- a social enterprise. The workers set up their own company, Try Arm, pledging to prioritize the well-being of workers, their friends and society, rather than simply focus on profits. Try Arm has subsequently attracted much attention as an alternative business model.

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Noviscape, June 2011, page 15: http://newsletters.clearsignals.org/Noviscape_June2011#page=15

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Civil Society and Energy

Countries around the globe continue to search for more energy and in the process assert their right to pursue nuclear energy. Energy and sustainability are highly controversial issues around the world, as demonstrated by civil society's impassioned responses.

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LKYSPP Asian Trends Monitoring Bulletin, October 2010 part 2, pg. 1:

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Bangladesh fighting wage arbitrage

"The 29th of July 2010 was an important day for roughly 3.5 million Bangladeshis. The Bangladesh Wage Board, after a series of protests from workers in the growing garment sector, agreed to double the minimum wage. Workers who were earning a monthly TK1,662.50(US$24) will now be earning TK3,000 a month.

"The TK3,000 promise is still far from the TK5,000 per month they've demanded, and is only a one-time increase rather than an annual reassessment... It seems violence in the city has actually increased, with workers smashing cars and blocking roads in response to the announcement.

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Hacking as political protest in South East Asia

Armed with digital media, some citizens aren’t just trying to share information – they’re engaging in cyber warfare against the government.

Poomjit Sirawongprasert writes,

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Noviscape, Sept 2010, page 12: http://newsletters.clearsignals.org/Noviscape_Sept2010#page=12

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009–2010 ‘.ph’ Philippines,
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