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UK & Australia Gov'ts Support Social Entrepreneurship in SE Asia

"The Philippines government launched the Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP), aiming to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development partly through social entrepreneurship. The program was set up as a grant and mentoring program to help community entrepreneurs develop their community development projects. PACAP has worked with over 500 NGOs and grass-roots organizations to support over a thousand community-based projects, benefiting 250,000 poor people. During its last phase (2005 - 2010) PACAP funded almost 500 more projects.

"Agencies such as the Asian Development Bank and the British Council are also keen to unlock the potential of social enterprise in addressing socio-economic problems. The British Council’s Skills for Social Entrepreneurs program aims to raise awareness of the experiences of social entrepreneurs in the UK in the Asian region, and also to act as a focal point for social entrepreneurs from UK and the region to learn from each other and find new ways of doing business for social purposes. The program operates in China, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam."

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