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Activism Drives Tech Adoption in Thailand

"Thailand’s Red Shirts offer an example of digital immigrants that parallels the rise of other political groups in the region. In July 2009, laborers, and motorcycle taxi drivers who had never previously use computers, subscribed to twitter in order to vote for Thaksin Shinawatra in the “Twitter Wall of Fame” competition."

"Many online campaigns spilled over into physical space as well, since online activism is intimately connected with, and often intended to support physical activism. In Bangkok, street demonstrations were transmitted live to campaign supporters and audiences around the world, by a 50-something man with a digital camcorder, a laptop computer, a mobile Internet access card, and a few other pieces of DIY equipment. He learned all the techniques himself from his son, acquaintances and Internet forums."

Implications from IFTF:

I think what's particularly notable here, is that Noviscape is asserting that people are adopting social media specifically for the purpose of political activism.

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