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Social Media, Mobility of Labor Connects Diasporas and Ethnic/Political Minorities

Though it does not go into much detail, Noviscape article does list specific groups that have benefited from this increased connectivity and media access:

"With today’s mobility of labor, instant global communications, and pervasive access to simple, powerful and secure social networking media, we have witnessed how technology has ended the isolation of Burmese, Hmong, Nepalese, and Chinese political activists scattered throughout the world. Now they are all connected, and from the perspective of any repressive regime— dangerously so.
Secondly, we have seen how dissident activists all around the world proceeded to use these media not just to keep in touch with friends and family, but also to circumvent draconian censorship at home. Using new technologies to provide an essential counterweight to regime propaganda, citizens have toppled despots and exposed the systematic oppression of their peoples... As autocratic governments wring their hands at their impotence to control and contain dissemination of “people’s news” from their respective countries to the world, citizens for the first time are able to access global news and critique, and fight their own personal information wars."

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