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Angolan small farmers unable to afford fertilizer

The price of fertilizer in Angola has risen to $45 for a 50 kilogram bag, pricing small farmers out of the market. The South Africa Node writes that “The high cost is attributed to logistics, taxes and import duties, and the price of doing business in Africa’s largest oil-exporting country.” The destruction of infrastructure during Angola’s extended civil war makes transporting fertilizer costly and difficult. The high cost of storage facilities in port cities contributes to the expense of imported fertilizer; insufficient industrial capacity makes domestic production unlikely.

The source report notes that “more than half of Angola's people rely on subsistence farming, but less than 10 percent of the around 35 million hectares of arable land is under cultivation, and that being worked by small-scale farmers is being done inefficiently.”


the Institute for the Future writes:

High costs will discourage small farmers from using chemical fertilizers, leading to decreasing agricultural production, particularly in smallholder farms. Malnutrition, already a significant problem among subsistence farmers, is likely to worsen. Farmers who abandon their farms could join the growing ranks of urban migrants.

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