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African Development Bank developing a plan for “Africa Green Growth Strategy” pilot projects

The African Development Bank is developing a “Green Growth Strategy”, which will focus on identifying models and potential constraints to sustainable development and poverty reduction in Africa. After the Bank presents the Strategy at a series of stakeholder meetings in August and September 2010, the South Africa Node writes, “a pilot action plan will then be established. It will include about five strategic pilot projects that focus on technology transfer of renewable energies as well as the need to ensure an appropriate political, institutional and regulatory framework that will guarantee the sustainability of the green economy measures.”


the Institute for the Future writes:
Regional development banks such as the African Development Bank will feel increasing political and institutional pressure to launch and promote climate change mitigation projects. Identifying and helping to implement appropriate regulatory frameworks in client countries will be as important as identifying technologies and project designs for pilot efforts.

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http://www.afdb.org/en/news- events/article/afdb-green-growth-strategy-to-usher-new-green-deal-for-africa-6588/