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Army emerges as key actor pushing for democratic transition in Madagascar

Malagasy President Andry Rajoelina, who seized power in a March 2009 coup, has agreed to attend talks in South Africa over a transition to democratic governance. The military, which backed Rajoelina’s coup, has been pressing for a resolution to the sustained political crisis which followed his seizure of power. The South Africa Node writes that “the army gave Rajoelina until the end of April to come up with an acceptable way out of the political impasse.”


the Institute for the Future writes:
Military institutions increasingly act as political arbiter. The military’s role in deposing the prior president, and in pushing Madagascar’s current unelected leadership towards talks, suggests an emerging role as a self-appointed guarantor of political stability. The potential for a coup may drive successive governments to limit policy options which are in tension with military interests.

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