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Nigeria not ready/willing for ICT in general elections

The Center for Democracy and Development writes,

"Nigeria attempted to use electronic data capturing machines to prepare voter register for the 2007 General Elections. But public officials developed lingering apprehension about potential massive abuse of the system. In addition, the huge cost of e-voting, the high rate of illiteracy in the country, as well as the lack of political will to remedy all these discouraged Nigeria from deploying full e-voting systems during the 2007 General Elections. Currently, there is little or no mention of any intention to introduce any radical, modern technology during the upcoming 2011 national elections."


CDD highlights that democratic elections are an expensive mode of democratic government, and ICT has emerged as a possible solution:

"So expensive is democracy that there are now ongoing debates on ways and means to cut the cost and to operate the system of democracy more frugally...The continued struggle for free an fair elections has opened up the use of technology and information and communication technology as a possible panacea to the myriad challenges bedeviling elections in the world. With such a huge youthful and ‘internet ready’ population in West Africa, the region is ripe for the use of ICT to prepare for, and conduct elections." The case of Nigeria shows that barriers remain to rolling out digital platforms for general elections in West Africa, and properly integrating ICT also requires looking at the social, educational, and political infrastructure existing in the country.

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