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Algae may hold the key to reducing Dengue deaths and speed recovery

"Indonesian scientists have recently found that chlorella extract can accelerate the process of healing and reduces the risk of death in dengue patients. If a breakthrough is achieved in the use of chlorella extract to aid the recovery of dengue patients.

"A study conducted in 2009 by the Indonesian Internists Association and the Faculty of Human Ecology at the Bogor Agriculture Institute found that the chlorella extract increases survival chances in dengue victims. While chlorella has been used in the treatment of other diseases before, such as high blood pressure, this would be the first time that a breakthrough would be achieved in the field of dengue. The Ministry of Health in Indonesia is interested in furthering this study to develop more possibilities. Unfortunately, at present Indonesia relies on imports for chlorella extract, making it expensive"

Implications from Strategic Foresight Group:

“If the chlorella treatment is successfully introduced into the market as part of the treatment for dengue patients, then it could significantly reduce treatment costs borne by patients as it will reduce hospital stays. This is an important selling point for the poorer sections of the society that are most afflicted by the disease. With the effects of climate change becoming more apparent over the next 2-4 decades and with regional temperatures on the rise, scientists predict that incidences of vector-borne diseases, such as dengue, will increase. A half-degree centigrade rise in temperature may lead to a 30-100% increase in mosquitoes, which would definitely increase the prevalence of dengue fever."

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Strategic Foresight Group, April 2010, pg. 14