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Digital Villages open e-government services in non-connected areas

The Society for International Development writes, "Kenya Digital villages Project is creating centers across the country that provide a suite of services to the public via computers connected to the internet, digital cameras, printers, fax machines and other communication infrastructure."

The Kenyan ICT Board writes that the role of the PASHA Centres will include providing Kenyans in rural areas with access to information. This will serve:

• To enhance information as communities shall be exposed to news and trends that may positively impact their lives.
• Provide employment for Kenyans both directly through economic activity that the centre will generate and secondarily through the opportunities that the information will provide.
• Enhance provision of government services. Kenyans will be able to access government services such as NSSF statements, driving license application forms, police extracts among others, from the Pasha Centers.


IFTF writes that as Kenya digitizes government, it isn't leaving rural and unconnected areas behind. These centers will allow rural Kenya to access government services that aren't readily available over the mobile phone and to experience high-speed internet access, which opens up new possibilities for online activity. Full digital infrastructure to rural areas may not be on the near horizon, but these kinds of outposts do give a taste of what urban digital life looks like.

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