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Africa Playing a More Strategic Role Globally

“A recent Chatham House Report entitled ‘Our Common Strategic Interests: Africa’s role in the Post-G8 World’ states amongst other things that: African countries are playing a more strategic role in international affairs. Global players that understand this and develop greater diplomatic and trade relations with African states will be greatly advantaged. For many countries, particularly those that have framed their relations with Africa largely in humanitarian terms, this will require an uncomfortable shift in public and policy perceptions. Without this shift, many of Africa's traditional partners, especially in Europe and North America, will lose global influence and trade advantages to the emerging powers in Asia, Africa and South America.”

Implications from South Africa Node:

“This report, from a highly reputable institution, confirms some strong trends shaping the future of the African continent and its role in the emerging geopolitical landscape. Many ‘Western’ stakeholders still perceive Africa as a ‘charity case’, which is a myopic misperception that could lead to traditional players missing out.”

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