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Green Jobs in South Africa

A recent report from international research organisation the Global Climate Network states that "36,400 new direct jobs and 109,100 indirect jobs could be created in the renewable energy sector in South Africa by 2020. Further, as many as 700 000 people could be employed in the biofuels industry in South Africa, the report entitled ‘Low carbon jobs in an interconnected world’ stated."
"These figures were derived assuming a 15% target for energy generated from renewable sources by 2020, which follows from the South African government's long-term mitigation scenarios (LTMS) document, which guides policy. The most stringent of these scenarios suggests that about 50% of South Africa's energy would need to come from renewable sources by 2050."
The report added that the South African government would need to determine future human capacity needs in renewable energy sectors and prioritize skills development accordingly, through public training programs and sectoral initiatives.
"The African Development Bank (AfDB) has meanwhile pledged to provide more support for renewable- energy projects across the continent."

Implications from Millennium Project South Africa Node:
It is observed that enthusiastic targets for an energy transition may have a serious negative impact on the welfare level experienced in South, whereas an energy transition in South supported by North seems to have the most desirable outcome regarding the welfare gap.

For more information on the North-South welfare gap and global sustainability, see this signal.

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