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Bangladesh to Build up Basic Infrastructure

Bangladesh is working on fixing their basic infrastructure with the help of a handful of partners. From roads, to railroads, to bridges.

"Bangladesh is investing in upgrading its rural roads and market facilities. The Sustainable Rural Infrastructure Improvement Project will be executed in 21 districts... Eight hundred kilometers of roads will be updated to all-weather standards. The ADB (Asia Development Bank) has committed US $60m to the project, while the German government-owned development bank KfW has promised a grant of Euro 13m." Additionally, "The ADB will issue a US $150m loan to Bangladesh to improve railroad services... Because trains are unreliable and do not have universal service, most bangladeshi people use roads." Lastly, "The ADB has made a loan of US $615m to fund a Padma bridge project, a public-private partnership to construct a major bridge in Bangladesh. The bridge will... link the southwest to the northern and eastern regions of the country. (In partnership with the ADB) The World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Islamic Development bank are also funding the project."

Implications from Intellecap:

"Rural road investments are expected to lead to higher agricultural wages and crops prices, savings in household transport costs and a drop in poverty figures... An updated railway network would help trading relationships with Bangladesh's neighboring countries."

Implications from Institute for the Future:

While new technologies are exciting and can motivate many people to get involved in rural development as seen from the widely popular and controversial One Laptop Per Child movement or the newer Worldreader that brings ebooks to rural communities, this signal highlights the importance of basic infrastructures to allow for better living standards for everyone. While we may be tempted by the leapfrogging ability of technology, having a strong foundation in place through proper infrastructure is important.

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