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Cost-effective e-Readers for mass-education delivery in India

Cogknit Semantics provides education solutions services through cost-effective e-readers and paired content, which could circumvent the need for IT infrastructure and machiner for digital education in India.

Intellecap writes,

“Cogknit Semantics has come up with a product and service offering that will perhaps supplant computers. A recent entrant in the ICT4E space, Cogknit has created a cost-effective e‐Reader as the frontend, and quality content as the backend. The e‐Reader battery can last 2‐3 weeks depending on usage, and the product itself is cost‐effective when compared to an alternative investment in a smart board, server, projector, and content.

The firm plans to deliver the content services at prices or rentals as low as INR100 (US$2) and INR50 (US$1) per month. Cogknit is also considering tying up with microfinance institutions to help its target audience finance its purchase of the device.”


Cogknit Semantics’ strategy could be a leapfrog development in taking advantage of digital education possibilities to a broader audience. Intellecap writes, “while there are several initiatives at the forefront of ICT4E, the fact remains that in India most schools work with less than 6 computers for every 300 or more students…Add a solar panel to power the device and this is a working platform for mass education delivery. More importantly, it is mobile, and helps make education delivery personalized.”

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