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Bibliometrics as a tool for R&D, emerging tool for foresight

Dr. Alisa Kongthon, of the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), is developing cutting-edge analytical techniques in bibliometrics. She writes,

"The use of bibliometrics —the number of research papers published and how often they are cited— uses statistics and quantitative analysis to describe patterns of publication within any given field. Bibliometrics measures the output of science by generating quantitative data that can be used to evaluate the influence of emerging technologies or issues, and is a versatile tool which can contribute to foresight exercises such as scenario planning."

Bibliometric methods can unearth various relationships across industries, institutions, researchers, and time. These patterns can identify emerging needs in research or an up-and-coming technology.

"Examples of bibliometric studies in Southeast Asia include technology trends and forecasts of RFID by a historical review and bibliometric analysis from 1991 to 2005 conducted by the National Electronic and
Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), Thailand, and Mapping of Science and Technology Knowledge Productivity in Malaysia since 2003, by the Malaysian Agency for Science and Technology Information


Bibliographic analysis could be a powerful tool for newly developing countries, especially as they are opened to the realms of information, articles, and journal databases on the internet. New institutions and R&D centers could make use of global research quickly. It could also help align the field of planning both with diverse research and information about emerging issues.

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