Good living objectives

Ecuador defines 12 measures of good living to guide policy

More than 18,000 Paths out of Poverty!

On April 3-5, IFTF and the Rockefeller Foundation invited people all over the world to join the Catalysts for Change game and imagine thousands of paths out of poverty. More than 1,600 people from 79 countries responded, and after 48 hours they had imagined 18,160 ideas for ways to catalyze change in poor, vulnerable, or marginalized communities.

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About this web site

Catalysts for Change is a map to change the world—to build resilience and equity in communities everywhere. The key to this change is leverage—and the four catalysts provide leverage in the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

You can explore the map by exploring this site. Or you can download a PDF to share in work places and community spaces.


Searchlight Partners

In 2009, the Rockefeller Foundation convened a unique global network of forward-looking organizations on four continents to scan the horizon of poverty and development. Their assignment: to identify new policies, technologies, and strategies for meaningful exchange emerging in communities of poor and vulnerable people. Read more »